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That’s a question I get asked a lot. And for good reason.

I’m not from there, Heather is not from there, and we don’t have an established network of relationships and connections. So why in the world would we take such a big step of faith, pack up everything we own, move halfway across the country, and plant a church in Cincinnati?

Sure, it would be so much easier to plant this church where we know more people—where we grew up or where we’ve been serving in full-time ministry the past 13 years. But God has not called us to what’s easy; He has called us to be obedient. And at the end of the day, we know with all our heart that God has called us to Cincinnati. He has undoubtedly given us a supernatural love for the city. Now it’s our job to listen and obey.

We’ve discovered that Cincinnati is a beautiful city filled with amazing people, beautiful scenery, rich history, art, and culture. However, research shows that it is also a broken city. Do a quick Google search and you’ll discover gut-wrenching social and spiritual statistics on poverty, crime, segregation, addiction, and the rapid decline of church engagement in the next generation.

While my heart breaks looking at those stats, I believe with all my heart that the local church is the hope of the world. Let me be a little more specific: I believe that the local church is the hope of Cincinnati, Ohio.

I believe that the presence of a life-giving local church can turn those numbers upside down; that the gospel is the answer to every problem and every statistic; and that the light of the gospel shines brightest in the dark.When I see those numbers, I see a set-up for God to do a miracle. I’m filled with hope and expectation that God can use a group of faith-filled people who are willing to say “Yes.”

I know it will be hard, I know things are uncertain, and I know there will be much sacrifice. But I also know that people are lost, lonely, broken, forgotten, hungry, hurting, empty, hopeless, and in need. We have a solution. We have an answer. We have hope. We have Jesus.

As long as my heart is still beating and I still have breath in my lungs, I want to help people experience the eternal and abundant life that gets better and better. Our calling is loud, our hearts are full, our commitment is strong, and our vision is clear. We won’t stop until every person goes on a spiritual journey where they know God, find freedom, discover purpose, and make a difference. 

Thank you all for your encouragement, for your continued support, and for believing in the dream that’s in our hearts. Let’s change the world!


Love and appreciate YOU!

Brian Cromer Signature

Brian Cromer
Lead Pastor | Queen City Church



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