There’s something mysteriously magnetic about authentic people. You can almost never put your finger on it when it’s happening, but when you encounter someone who is unwaveringly determined to be their most genuine self 100% of the time, something inside you, deep down in your knower says: “I can trust them ... and I think I can even be my real self here too.” 

That’s the kind of world the Cromers create. From Sulphur Springs, Texas, to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, all across Dallas, Texas, and Birmingham, Alabama, you’ll find a trail of 14 years of authentic, every day, Jesus-loving people who, under their leadership, have experienced what it’s like to be fully known and fully loved. That changes you.

Those who know the Cromers well would say that the best part about living life with them is that it genuinely just gets better and better.

There are those who aim to make phenomenal first impressions—then there are those who aim to make monumental life impressions. The Cromers are absolutely the latter, and they have been relentlessly working toward that goal in full-time ministry for nearly two decades.

It is no wonder then, that after serving as a pastor at Gateway Church and Church of the Highlands over the last five years, leadership confirmed a call on Brian’s life to start a life-giving, local church to reach all people and teach them to have a relationship with God that gets better and better. 

With hearts full of excitement and expectation, Brian, Heather, and their two sons, Caleb and Jordan, are stepping out in faith toward the dream God has placed in their hearts: planting a life-giving, local church in Cincinnati, Ohio.



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