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Queen City Internship

And David shepherded them with the integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them.
— Psalm 78:72


what to expect

The internship exists to see every participant grow in the integrity of their heart and develop practical leadership skills so that they can reach their full potential to make a difference.

What + When + How

Ages: 18 - 25

Start Date: September 12th

The internship consists of a weekly gathering every Thursday evening where interns will learn culture, practical leadership development & teaching, values of health & freedom, and further discovering their purpose.

Interns will also participate in a Freedom Group of their choice and learn practical leadership skills by serving in one of the Queen City Church ministry hubs on Sunday mornings. They will also be a part of the launch of the Queen City U by serving on the Setup/Takedown team the third Thursday of every month.

For any questions please reach out to:

Caleb Ayers ( / 423-494-0014) or Caitlin Lessley ( / 205-317-5313)